Watershed Heros

Robert E. Hughes-Watershed Hero

Example of a Watershed Hero Trading Card

Submit your very own “Watershed Hero” trading card in honor of the work that you and other volunteers in your watershed have contributed to cleaning up your local environment and the AMD impacts in your backyard. Let no one go unnoticed.

There are no limitations as to how many nominations can come from any single  group. Nominate  individual community leaders and volunteers that deserve to be recognized for their efforts, time, talents, and treasures.

The PA AMR Conference Planning Committee want to recognize you and other PA volunteers at this year’s 15th Anniversary of the PA AMR Conference.  All Watershed Hero trading cards will be displayed on the website and will be printed on a full color poster board to be showcased at the Conference. Only adults should submit and nominations for adults due to concerns with publicizing children’s or teen’s images on the website without consent or permission. Selected “Watershed Heroes” will be featured in a slideshow at the conference and other publicity as well.

Five (5) Winners will be chosen from all nominations submitted to win a cash prize donation to the winning hero’s non-profit watershed organization of his or her choice. No private for-profit business or company will be awarded the cash prize. An anonymous donor has contributed significantly to the cash prize.  The AMR Conference Committee has thanked and greatly appreciates the donation, as will the winners. By creating a “Watershed Hero” trading card with your photo submitted, the PA AMR Conference Committee reserves to right to use images and all information obtained from the trading cards to advertise for the Conference and future Conferences. Submission deadline is July 9th, no late submissions will be considered.

Please Create Your Own* Trading card.

*Note:  Use the “Create Your Own” type of card and enter Watershed Hero as your topic.

We would like to know: 1. About Our Hero (Full Name and Hometown), 2. Watershed (Home Watershed and Organization), 3. Key Projects ( 2 projects he/she is best known for), 4. Inspiration (Favorite Quote and Mentor), 5. Something Unique (2 unique qualities).  Then upload a headshot photo from your computer and Voila! you have a trading card.

Enter the underlined phrases above as Section Names.  Enter the phrases (in parenthesis) as Labels.  The Question does not display on the card so there is no need to write it in on the card.  It’s easier than all this sounds!  The card automatically updates as you type.   Complete the card with the information above and click Finish Editing, then be sure to click Finish again to be taken to the Save, Share and Print window.

Share the Final Trading Card with Michael Hewitt, EPCAMR Program Manager (hardcoal@epcamr.org) to enter.  Save the Final on your computer or Print for a copy to keep.

When you are Ready to Begin, please >Create Your Watershed Hero Trading Card<