Call for Abstracts!

On behalf of the PA AMR Conference Planning Committee, we would like to invite interested parties, professionals, innovative leaders in the field of abandoned mine reclamation and AMD remediation to submit their abstracts for consideration for our 15th Anniversary State-wide Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation slated for August 8-10th, Ramada Inn, State College, PA. The due date for submission of the Abstracts is March 29, 2013. The PA AMR Conference Planning Committee will review them over the Easter Break and following up with those submissions that will be accepted to give a full presentation this year.

We are looking for presentations on innovative AMD Treatment Technologies, AMD and Environmental Health Studies, Self-sustaining AMD Treatment System Success Stories, Marcellus Shale related Industrial Applications of AMD and Iron Oxides, Watershed Data Management Tools, Economic Benefit Studies in AMD Impacted Watersheds, Economic Redevelopment Opportunities, and Collaborative Coalition Success Stories that have occurred over the last 15 year history of the PA Watershed Movement.

Please include the Name of the Primary Presenter and Co-Presenters, Brief Biography, Company Affiliation, Watershed Group Affiliation, Address, Phone Number, E-mail, and a 1 page Abstract detailing an Executive Summary of your proposed presentation. Presenters will be expected to have their full presentations ready to go and available during the Conference on a thumb drive of their own. Presenters selected are expected to pay for the low cost of attendance to the Conference to cover registration and meal costs. Should you decide to only present and leave following your presentation due to conflicts or limited time availability, please discuss this with either EPCAMR or WPCAMR Conference Co-Coordinators in order for us to accurately account for the registration attendance and meal plan coordination for the event.

If your presentation is not selected, it may still be able to be exhibited in a Poster Presentation , if you would like to format it in such a way where we could present it at the Conference. Time slots and availability of those slots will be chosen following the selection of the presentations and will be communicated to all presenters. We will make every effort to try and slot presentations without any conflict from presenters as we flush out the agenda for the Conference.

Direct your Abstract Submission to Robert E. Hughes, Executive Director, for the Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) at or call for more information at 570-371-3523. Visit for details.


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